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Who We Are?

Charging is going to the new digital era, start a better life! NIKOTA as the innovator of safe fast charging technology, we always put the user experience in the first place, and insist on continuous innovation, even if it's a small power bank, charger, or just a USB data cable, will make your life more convenient, faster, better and happier.

Strong R&D focus

NIKOTA has a professional R&D team. We always prioritize product innovation, strive to create products that users love. Our commitment to excellence has been recognized CES innovation award.

Experienced and Focused

We specialize in the mobile power and charger industry. Our products are distributed through channels to over 100 countries worldwide.

Complete Product Certification

We have many years of production experience and have been providing customers with thebest products and services.

100+ IPs&Patents

Our Leading Designs Are Born