Frequently asked questions

01. What battery does the product use?

It uses NMC (LiNiMnCoO2) 21700 automotive level batteries with a 2016Wh charging capacity.

02.What devices can the product’s AC output port power?

With a highly rated power and peak power, the product’s AC output port can power most household appliances. Before you use it, we recommend that you confifirm the power of the appliances fifirst and ensure the power sum of all loaded appliances is lower than the rated power

03.How long can the product charge my devices?

The charging time is shown on the product’s LCD Screen, which can be used to estimate the charging time of most appliances with stable power usage.

04.How can I know if the product is charging?

When it’s charging, the remaining charging time will be shown on the LCD Screen. The input power is displayed next to the battery percentage. As the power increases, the tree indicator will display the power in blue, green, yellow and red.

05. How do I clean the product?

Please gently wipe it with a dry, soft, clean cloth or paper towel.

06. How do I store the product?

Before storing, please turn off the product, and then store it in a dry, ventilated place at room temperature. Do not place it near water sources. For long-term storage, please discharge the battery to 30% and recharge it to 60% every three months to extend its battery life.

07. Can I bring the product on a plane?


08. Can I use a third-party solar panel to charge the META-2000?

It depends on the combined voltage and current of the solar panels you choose. As long as the solar panels are using Anderson connectors and their combined voltage and current is under 11-42V and 20 amps, you can use them. The NIKOTA 120W Solar Panel has been thoroughly tested and remains our top recommendation.

09. How does META-2000 connect to the network?

META-2000 4G/5G can act as a 4G/5G network transmitter to smart home appliances or outdoor electronic devices by two methods. One is to insert a SIM card. Another way is using a household network cable.

10. What is the network speed of the META-2000 router, and how many contacts can it have?

META-2000 4G/5G has 1800M wireless router modules, in line with IEEE802.11AC/N/G/B/A wireless network protocol. Wireless transmission rate is up to 1800Mbps. The external antenna has a good connection and wider coverage. Theoretically, the coverage of wireless signals in an open area is greater than 50 meters and it can connect 70 devices simultaneously.

11. Do I need to pay extra for the network service?

It is unnecessary to pay extra. You only need to connect to a household network cable or insert a SIM card into META-2000 to connect to the network.

12. Will META-2000 4G and 5G versions consume a lot of power when using the network?

META-2000 runs low power consumption, which can balance product usability and power saving.

13. How long does it take to fully recharge?

META-2000 can be fully recharged in 1.5 hours through an AC wall outlet.

14. Can it charge with solar panels and an AC input at the same time?

No. It cannot work at the same time.

15. I have a question that is not listed in FAQ.

Please contact us directly at support@nikotapower.com