2000W | 2016Wh | 4G/5GROUTER

Are you still worry about what to do when there is no network or grid power?

Compared with the previous energy storage power station that can only supply power, NIKOTA META-2000 can not only supply power for multiple devices simultaneously without using grid power but also act as a hot spot with its own network for use by different devices.  You don't worry about the sudden loss of power or no internet at work, in your home.    

Build up a perfect combination of safe power supply and fast internet

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● 4G / 5G router provide network connection

● Marina fully charged in 1.5 hours

● The world's lightest weight is only 16KG

● Mosquitoes-repelling lamp help you to get rid of mosquitoes

● Ambient light provides  a more chilled and warmer atmosphere

● Supply power for 13 devices simultaneously  

Get Charged with META-2000

With META-2000 from 2016Wh high capacity, 2000W AC output, and can accept up to 300W solar input。 microwave ovens, hairdryers, drills, refrigerators, even welding machines, and mini air conditioners may all be used off the grid!

Charge more,enjoy more,one is GO!

Equipped with 4G / 5G routing transmitter, the device enable you to enjoy the
high-speed network brought by 5G anytime, anywhere.

Charge at any time, Whether outdoors or indoors