Nikota Brand Story

nikota Jan 01, 2020

Nikota brand was built in 2020 and developed in such a short time period.

We are highly focused on what we can offer to the public.

Founders drew inspiration from their electric outage experience during the pandemic in 2020 and realized that electricity is an essential resource in any natural disaster.

Then we have spent months studying and modifying our product quality to ensure that our product doesn’t fail anyone who supports us! We are here to bring the best tool to everyone and hope to eventually help all human beings to have the freedom to choose where they live and discover, even if it’s a no-man-land.

shenzhen Yiwashi Tech Co. Ltd.

516A, 5th Floor, Building A, City Shanhai Dinghui, No. 37 Longjingao Road, Yangmei Community, Bantian Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen